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Jane Oelke, PhD, helps clients discover more about themselves, with the goal of having a happier and healthier life. I share many ideas to improve health and wellness. I use technology (my toys) to accomplish this. I have an engineering background and continue to learn about and incorporate new ways to educate, evaluate, and support my clients using energy medicine techniques.

” I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” – 3 John 2

“Restoring health at the cellular level, one person at a time.”
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Looking for a speaker for your organization? I published 2 books, and do many public talks for local organizations like Exchange clubs, senior centers, community education classes, and corporation wellness programs. My most requested topics are “Reduce Pain Naturally“, “Enhance Your Brain Power“, “Stress Reduction“,  and “Keep Your Immune System Healthy Naturally.”  Other topics are also available depending on your needs.

The current evaluation and therapy tools I use in my Natural Choices office are:

ZytoHandcradlesmallZyto Elite Hand Cradle testing – shows you how stress is affecting you and what you can do to reduce these stress reactions. This quick non-invasive test measures your reaction to foods, chemicals, hormones, and even emotions to help determine why you are having symptoms. Watch a video showing how I do this stress testing in my office.

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ONDAMED Sound Wave Frequency Device – Using pulsed frequencies we can improve circulation and cellular energy so that difficult health issues can improve more quickly. Clear energy blockages stopping you from healing well.

Click on the ONDAMED logo to watch a video on how this amazing device works to individually reduce blockages and improve energy circulation.

Great results seen for:  Sugar addiction, Anxiety Reduction, Neuropathy, Sleep Issues, Lyme’s Disease, and Acute and Chronic Pain.  Call 269-429-9554 to set up your specific program today.

Books Published by Jane:

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Homeopathic Remedies – Are a type of energy medicine that helps your body remember how to heal. When we get stuck in patterns of stress, we have to be reminded and guided to heal our tissues that with chronic health issues have forgotten how they should act. Many homeopathic remedies have added substances that help us do this better. Homeopathic remedies help our immune system, nervous system, and digestive system health faster and better.

DPA – Digital Pulsewave Analysis – Measures heart rate variability and your circulatory health to see how inflammation is affecting you.

Low Level Laser Therapy – using RIfe frequencies we can support the healing process, including reducing pain, but sending specific frequencies to specific areas that need healing. This hand held device increases cell energy at the source of pain supporting the benefit of homeopathic remedies.

To contact me about any of these services – Call 269-429-9554 or email me at

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