Pain is a Sign That Cells Need More Energy

Inflammation is a common cause of many chronic diseases and health issues. There are many supplements that help reduce inflammation. But often the herbs cannot get into the cells well if there is too much congestion. How do you know if you have congestion or energy blockage in your body? You will have pain or other congestion type symptoms like chronic sinus infections or irritable bowel symptoms. Pain is a signal that your cells are crying out for more energy.

To reduce congestion or blockages in your tissues, PEMF therapy, like my newest ONDAMED therapy, is used to activate cell energy. If you have chronic pain or immune system issues, find out how you can benefit from PEMF therapy. Use of this therapy reduces inflammation, removes cell blockage, reduces the effects of wireless frequencies affecting our immune system, and helps regenerate healthy new cells, including bones, muscles, and nerves. Go to the video on this page to learn more.